About Me

Hey there, I’m Jen!

The things I am most passionate about in life are hiking and fitness.

I write for women who have a yearning to find the bravery to go and have adventures in The Great Outdoors. I am so lucky to be able to provide tools and ask questions to help them figure out how they are going to lead the adventurous life they have always wanted to lead, by tapping into the things they already have inside them.

I get to work with amazing people and get to teach them how to have adventures outside and how to use those adventures to help them learn to be the person they want to be.

I love serving the world by sharing insights I gain from things that happen to me and that I’ve learnt from being outside and having adventures.

When I’m not busy working you can catch me playing with my dog Siula, trucking around in my camper van or hiking to somewhere awesome. I love climbing, biking, skiing, playing in the snow, making friends and wearing bright colours.

Ten random things you probably didn’t know about me:

1. At school, I used to forge my mum’s handwriting so I could skip physical education. Now fitness is my life!
2. For me, the day is not going anywhere until I have had a decent cup of tea and taken my girl Siula for a walk
3. I live in Scotland because it is just beautiful
4. I am that girl who girl who is either wearing sport clothes or outdoors clothes… even when I’m not doing sports or in the outdoors
5. My favourite thing is seeing other women absolutely crush it, no matter what their thing is
6. I have a doctorate in maths and evolutionary biology, because, why not
7. I didn’t discover the outdoors until I was 20 and went on a university exchange year to Alaska
8. I didn’t discover fitness until I was about 21 and couldn’t figure out why I found outdoor adventures so hard!
9. I have several girl crushes, the biggest one being on Lara Croft, who isnt even real
10. The place I would most like to visit is Antarctica

Still here? Let’s connect! If you’d like to keep updated on what’s going on you can subscribe to my email list, or connect with me on Instagram here.

Otherwise drop me a email and let me know what I can help you with!

Hugs, snugs and elbow licks,
Jen xxxx

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