A running commentary on limestone climbing

Climb 1:Jen climb Limeklin 7_5_16
Aaah this is a bit scary.
It’s too hard.
I can never climb anything.
I must just be rubbish at climbing.
I am definitely scared.
How is this fun?
This is not fun.
Why am I even doing this??
I’m just going to have to tell everyone I don’t climb any more and sell all my stuff
*Gets to the top, didn’t even fall off*

Climb 2:
Crack climbing?! I LOVE crack climbing!
Oooh look I gotta layback here… ooft… ooft… left foot up… right foot inched higher… shuffle my hands up…
A hand jam! No wait, an arm jam!
Is my elbow going to get stuck?
Aaah my foots stuck! *wriggle wriggle* Okay that’s better.
Oh I’m at the top already, that’s a shame.
Will you belay me again, pleeeeaaaase?

*more climbing and bantering with Army Man, first time climbing in ages where I have actually laughed and enjoyed myself*

We finished playing on a route way to hard for both of us. At the end we need to go up the walk route up the back of the face, take out all the ropes at the top and abseil off to retrieve the gear we left behind on the previous route.

I’ll do it!

*Gets up*
Aw man, how do I do this again?
Okay, well first, what can I attach myself to?
Aaah phew, now at least I’m not going to fall off and die.
Lets sort these ropes out.
Hmm. Abseil off that tree? Seems solid to me…
Am I set up right? Yes. (Side note; evidence would show that my abseil set up is always perfect, but I still never want to trust it!)
*Delicately weights it all*
Okay, we’re good. Release my safety line.
Here we go

Pack up and get back to the car.

Oh, go on then.


siula and stick limekilns 7_5_16